» Selected Poetry
BY: Harvey Molloy

Singapore morning

From morning's upper depths
the imperial jellyfish cloud
laughs at the weedless cracks
between the bleached stones
of block D's roof.

Deft as prizefighters
drivers weave the traffic
their eyes on the necks
of the drivers in front as they sweat
at the lights, waiting for change.

Fingers worry cracked wheels
over the low drone of strained conditioners
radios cheer them on to beat the clock
in the morning heat.

Up here under cloud I dream
of falling through lavender bales of eider
an Icarus whose only dare
was not to return the book of hours
to the community centre library.

Come on says the porphyrogene king
as his spindle fingers tickle the overpass
keep working on keeping me invisible!

With faster lasers and smart goggles
You might never need to lift your necks
to see where you can't build those angles.

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