» nasty » Habeas Corpus: Meet the Flesh_
BY: Shyamal Bagchee (Page 2)

violet hours

profligacy of the orotund sun
moody gold   orange
salmon glory glory pink

in a bit
the bay settles down
nicely enough   dusty blue
 scummy grey uncertain black
 dusty darkish grey

and then comes the hour of anchors
of nets   of nets and hooks   and
fabulous fishing---

you raised a drowned body
now's the time for scratching
barnacles off blue toes
puffy cuticles curling away
peel the dermis--poke epidermis
strip off sodden sinews
looking for veins
for purple pearls   coagulated

also the violet
improbable inviolable tongue
swollen and heavy
with what it will not give away
nor say why we mustn't fail to speak
the little we think we might know
very little perhaps

deep purple and profligate