» STUART GORDON CHICANO-CROSSDRESSES RAY BRADBURY: The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit and a Tale of BAD Latino Cinema
BY: William A. Nericcio

The circumstances surrounding the appearance of this brief review are not without some curiosity. In January of 1998 I was commissioned to screen and review Stuart Gordon's The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit for the annual San Diego Latino Film Festival. And, in January, I delivered said article to the organizers of the event for placement in the film guide that is handed to everyone walking into the festival. Well, that did not happen. And I can understand why, given that well-groomed celebrities associated with the feature, including Ray Bradbury himself, were to be featured at the festival. I am deranged enough to think that it is a curious review, given the way it brings together the realms of Latinos (Eddy J. Olmos), Hollywood ("Disney") and mainstream American Literature (Bradbury). I have not altered it from its original format so do please imagine you are attending a film festival.

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