FICTION (Issue 9)

Selected Proese Poetry
Noah Hoffenberg

There was a writer who had nothing to write about, but he wrote nonetheless because writing is about process and not about product.

FICTION (Issue 8)

Write Me
Lesli Mitchell

The attention he devotes to his writing never bothers me, and I'm not greedy with him. I admire obsession. In return for my lack of demands, I get the light behind his eyes, the intelligence and glitter of his passion, the boundless curiosity.

The Vixen Muse - a fairy tale
Valarie C. Pawlowski

I'm sitting outside smoking a cigarette and Chris is still fucking me. Four days later he's still fucking me.

I'm wearing the same clothes he fucked me in.

I beat him in Playstation football. He kissed me. I was the one he wanted.

FICTION (Issue 7)

Didn't Christ Say
Jerry Vilhotti

Didn't Christ say if you don't take when it's offered - you can rot in hell with an empty stomach?

Dear Editor
Jason Gurley

Arthur Ceslanovic bought a typewriter at a thrift store, dropping a week's pay on the machine and an opened and torn ream of typing paper. He walked home forty-one blocks, carrying the typewriter under one arm.

A Heaping Curse
Jerry Vilhotti

Her words like needles attempting to stitch together shreds of fabric scattered about in a tumultuous past continued against those holding her prisoner in a land of surface niceties that she thought really covered evil deeds of the past done.

Winter Rose
Richard Weeks

It shouldn't be alive. Winters here are murder on humans, let alone a hot house flower like my rose. It belongs in virginia, or florida, or some other place that has winters shorter than nine months. My rose, it chose to live in Michigan. It chose to live in a dank, dark, burned out church.

The Higgs Boson
Cherina Sparks

Augustine Hawking's parents named her for a goddamn saint. A saint who believed only though sin could one achieve sainthood.

Tornado Valley
Elby Rogers

Tornadoes brought us together. An ecru sky spun down silk monsters that would have made even Dorothy Gale piss her knickers! Love is a strange thing...

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