The Anatomy Museum: Reading Irigaray
Jen Caruso

We must keep her still. The wax woman is the dream of fluidity contained. Jen Caruso reads Iragary.

A Sinological Breakthrough of Gender Studies: Budoir Lament
Ya-chen Chen

Ya-chen Chen explores six classical Chinese budoir laments, through the eyes of feminism and cultural study. Explore with her.

Solid Flesh, Scattered Thoughts
Garrett P.J. Epp

As the means of transmission for original sin, flesh is always sullied in Christian Doctrine, and in early English literature. Hamlet seems to be making a different case, arguing that his flesh is, like Lear, "more sinn'd against than sinning".


A Virtual Kiss-In: Politics, Desire and Identity in Cyberspace.
Jamie Poster

During a brief ten-minute period, in a virtual space, involving virtual people, something extraordinary happened. A group of simulated lesbians staged a kiss-in in a Fundamentalist Christian chat room.

After Effect: On Bataille's Visions of Excess
Chris(tie) Schultz and Bryce Goebels

Filth responds to filth! Chris(tie) Schultz and Bryce Goebel consider Bataille's Visions of Excess: piss, shit, sex, and pain mix before your eyes.

James Joyce's American Beauty
Susan S. Brown

If Ulysses is the best novel of the century and additionally one of the most popular titles in Western Culture, often selling only second to and often ahead of the Bible, why has no movie-goer, reader, or reviewer recognized the similarity between Alan Ball's prize-winning screenplay and Joyce's famous book? Susan S. Brown tells us why.

Keith McDonald

The superficiality of the space leads to a superficiality that runs throughout the entire film. The concept of a soul or a depth to existence is strained in an environment that is so obviously and oppressively soulless and depthless.

The Manifest of Homo Mortem
Serge and Galina Roganov

Every cultured modern person knows that the history develops through two main stages of human relation - tragedy and farce. But nobody is ready to admit that the universal form of historical relations is a parody.

Who do you follow?
Christine Daley

His 1939 novel The Day of the Locust serves to provide a link between West's literary response to the modernism of the 1920s and its counterpart in the spiritual climate of southern California.

Named Names Through the Windowpane
Ron Capshaw

But when, in 1996, it was revealed that Orwell gave a list he compiled of suspected Communists to a representative of MI-5, the term "McCarthyite" was considered by some, the most prominent of them being Alexander Cockburn of the Nation magazine, to be applicable.

The Unwritten Johnson
Tim Conley

"If ever there existed one Samuel Johnson," writes Catherine N. Parke, "there certainly is no single figure now"

Hellraiser: Paranoid Knowledge and the Rhetorical Structure of the Splatterpunk Film
Doug Sparks

In her essay "Her Body, Himself: Gender in the Slasher Film," Clover (1987) describes the phenomenon of what she calls the Final Girl. The Final Girl is the female hero found in most films within the "slasher" genre... Read more.

Sex, Death and the Single Romantic Woman
kirsten c. uszkalo

There is little room in Romantic poetry for the female voice. When a female voice is heard above cluttered din of male discourse, she often relates sexually motivated tragedies. Letitia Landon and Mary Robinson were both public figures... Read more.