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January 2003 » Steve Hamelman: The Terminator-Scholar
January 2003 » Heidi Strengell: On the notions of good and evil.
January 2003 » Jennifer Garrison: Kissing Dementors: Fear and Social Discipline in the Harry Potter Novels
June 2002 » Karen Engle: Overflow
June 2002 » Rebecca M. Jaremko: Shangri-La:
June 2002 » Alan Clinton: The Miraculous Objects of Hannah Weiner
March 2002 » Adrian Gargett: Lara Croft: the Post-Human Feminine Cyborg
March 2002 » James Gifford: Death and Djuna Barnes
November 2001 » Mebbie Bell: Reluctantly Finding Woman-As-Death: A Feminist Deconstruction of Foucault's Birth of the Clinic
November 2001 » Doug Rice: The following is a False Memory1
November 2001 » Alexis Massie: narrative, vog novels, and related drafty material
September 2001 » Richard A. Ingram: Life Plagiarizing Illness: Lauren Slater's Lying
May 2001 » Garret P.J. Epp: Scattered Flesh, Scattered Thoughts
April 2001 » Ya-Chen Chen: A Sinological Breakthrough of Gender Studies: Budoir Lament
April 2001 » Jen Caruso: The Anatomy Museum: Reading Irigaray
February 2001 » Chris(tie) Schultz and Bryce Goebel: After Effect: On Bataille's Visions of Excess
February 2001 » Jamie Poster: Virtual Kiss-in: Politics, Desire and Identity in Cyberspace.
November 2000 » Susan S. Brown: James Joyce's American Beauty
October 2000 » Keith McDonald: THX-1138
September 2000 » Serge and Galina Roganov: The Manifest of Homo Mortem
July 2000 » Ron Capshaw: Named names through the windowpane
July 2000 » Tim Conley: The Unwritten Johnson
July 2000 » Doug Sparks: Hellraiser: Paranoid Knowledge and the Rhetorical Structure of the Splatterpunk Film
July 2000 » Kirsten Uszkalo: Sex, Death and the Single Romantic Woman

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