Lauren Goerig: Selected Poems
Poetry » June 2002

Porcelain Angel

The cherub-faced baby grins
His mother
Eyeing the samples at the counter
I smile back and wonder if he gets a taste
Sales. Spring, winter, fall
Sacrificing myself for the day at the beach
Here lay the sandy shores of propaganda
Blue skies of bargains -cool waters of mindless consumerism
The porcelain angel is breaking
No chocolate kisses today.

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Lauren Goerig is a free-lance writer and decorative artist living in Denver, Colorado. With her degree in Advertising and Graphics, Lauren began working as a copywriter for local health publications. She started her own mural and decorative painting business in 1991, and currently enjoys the diversity in a variety of artistic endeavors.

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, this transplanted Canadian is currently researching for her first novel based on the life of her grandfather, one of the original members of the Guinea Pig Club during WWII.

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