John V. Haynes: Selected Poems
Poetry » March 2002

Nietzche is Dead

Ecce Homo!

The syphilitic philosophical masturbator

Proclaiming God is Dead

From his thus spake Superman chair

Leaves me whispering to his long decayed flesh

As I breathe the 21st century wind - Iíll make up

My own mind motherfucker

Abbie, I Know You Would Be Laughing

Abbie, if you could only see past

The helmeted policemen of the grave

And see Steal This Book on spiritual

Suburban bookshelves next to

How To Talk To Your Guardian Angel and

Flag shirts that made the silent majority scream for your

Hippie head on sale for $19.95 at K-Mart

I know you would be holding your genuine patriotic stomach

From the pain of your riotous glee all the while

Figuring out a way to block panty wearing G-Men

From reading your e-mails

John V. Haynes is a free-lance writer and photographer based for the moment in Cincinnati, Ohio. Besides having previously appered in Nasty, his work has also previously appeared in a number of literary journals including the In Posse Review on WebdelSol, the Samsara Quarterly, Outsider Ink, New Graffiti, Poetry, and Comrades Magazine. It is also forthcoming in several others including Thunder Sandwich, NetAuthor/E2K, Snow Monkey, Deep Cleveland Junkmail Oracle, Gnome, and Literary Potpourri. His work will also be included in the forthcoming anthology Generation X : In Our Own Words, Vol. 4., which is due out this spring from MWE Publishing. Currently he is working on several projects including his first novel, An American Revolution, which is due out in the winter of 2002-2003.

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