Shyamal Bagchee: Selected Poetry
Poetry » November 2001

heavy hour blues


it is about time
he lined up his prejudices
behind a one-way window
and asked old acquaintances
to pick out any still identifiable

yellow leaves few or more


cheering on his lagging
libido to catch up
to a silvery desire
his life now parodies itself

the incongruence
of coasting down one slope
and groaning up another--
all at once.


no simple matter this--
she of easy virtue
he of none
take it easy fella

couple compatible
in more ways
than one
easy does it best


and when she asked, sounding rather miffed,
why, if he was all that middle-agey,
his hair was still so black

seeing that a thinning pate settles nothing
he grew a grey beard just to assert
he had taken each day's buffeting on the chin

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Shyamal Bagchee has been published all over the place, but is happy to be finally known as nasty

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