John V Haynes: Selected Poetry
Poetry » November 2001

Meeting on the Mountain

Of the crime-I plead guilty. Mainly because promises from the likes of you are frankly, hard to swallow. Sometimes you just can't be trusted. I'm not going to lie. I set out to destroy you face to face. I was going to confront you with every damning doubt I ever had. You were going to admit your incompetence once and for all. But when that moment came, all I could do was stand there stupidly in front of you. Suddenly I felt like Jacob when that angel touched him and made him fall down flat on his face in the desert. While spitting the sand out of my mouth, all I could say was you win again.

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John Haynes is a free-lance writer and photographer based in Cincinnati, Ohio. His poetry has previously been published in the In Posse Review and is forthcoming on anthology,and in the webzine Lights Out Media.He is currently working on several projects including a screenplay for the Underground Railroad Museumís Media Display Section in Cincinnati as well as on his first novel, An American Revolution, which is due out in the fall of 2002. He is also co-founder, along with his wife Tia, of The Fountain Society, a non-profit organization formed to aid emerging artists.

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