Shivaji K. Moitra: The Indian Leader's Polemic
Poetry » November 2000

The other day I accompanied an European reporter,
To interview an eminent Minister.
But the modestly clad leader, a jetset man,
Was not at all inclined to meet a Pressman.

So at last we bribed his flamboyant secretary,
And got the appointment without a flurry.
But we found our quarry droopy and drunk;
No doubt, what followed was absolute junk.

"After a series of bribery scandals and humiliations,
How are you poised for the approaching Elections?"
"No problem, no problem, my expectations are warm,
For I will buy out or kill my opponents before they can harm."

"Rampant corruption and black money have engulfed India;
To make Her healthy, wealthy and clean, what's your idea?"
"There's no black money, there's no corruption;
Those are just winding-up charges, donations and pure compensation."

"Hindu Act, Muslim Act, strange amendments and parochial laws,
Haven't all combined to hold India in vicious jaws?"
"Every vote is my father, every vote my mother,
I would be unemployed the very day Indians come together."

"We are last in everything except in population;
Do your wise leadership have plans to alter the situation?"
"Failures in no way prove we're lacking in wits,
We're showing the world we are not afraid of defeats."

"You allow terrorists and fundamentalists, but Rushdie and Taslima not;
How do you explain our Foreign Policy rot?"
"That's our tradition; we always crave for cheap fame,
Since we love to pretend and also we have conquered shame."

"At over 120 kilos. and an ever-stretching waistline,
How come you represent the hapless bottomline?"
"Hush! You're after the secret of my success;
I'm a specialist in selling dreams to people in distress."

The breeze was pleasantly cool and the ambience serene;
I gazed at the Heavens and those stars red and green,
And prayed to the Almighty to see for Himself,
How the angel in every soul is gradually losing to the elf.

Shivaji has contributed to the magazine pages of some of the leading English dailies of India. Shivaji is a Government Officer with a penchant for writing Short Stories and Poetry.

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