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Rosemary's Baby, Aged

Evil said, "I don't exist,
so I can do as I please,"
so Evil went shopping,
bought a great suit,
put on cufflinks, wore
shoes that didn't reflect

camera lights. Evil got it
down: mimic
what most people believe
and they'll follow you
anywhere. Hate always
drew crowds, so Evil
hated but pretended
he was the very voice
of compassion--

then, when bodies
piled up and funeral
homes were sold out,
nobody said a word

and Evil went on to make
big films, win the White
House, and write memoirs.

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Kenneth Pobo is 45, a gay poet, a gardener who is celebrating the first moonflowers of the year, and a collector of obscure and faded hits of the 1960s. He adores going to record fairs, watching 1930s films, and is currently slogging through Dostoevski's The Idiot.

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