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As an introduction to the Manifest of Homo Mortem, we here at nasty have decided to publish the contributor's introductory email, explaining the piece. In the interests of preserving the intellectual thought contained within the essay, we have also decided to leave it in its original, submitted state.

Let us introduce ourselves to you - I have graduated Kiev State University (Ukraine), philosophy faculty, then I worked at the Kharkov State University and in 1994 our family moved to Moscow. I was the leader of the party of small businessman, and work with such party leaders as Jakovlev ( former member of Politburo CPSU), Gaydar and many others. Two years ago I received the invitation to work with Advisor of Russian President as an expert. Now I work at some commercial structure, beyond the new russian democracy and russian dreams. My wife is a physician who does her best for us to succeed. The article we send to your journal is a mutual contemplation about our way we follow together.

New Russian revolution is the part of a world-wide process. Mankind seeks for new human vision taking apart "contemporary" values. How the world can transform itself now? We belong to generation which tried to build better world and failed. Our century too. So, we are sure the crucial point of human history on the threshold of new epoch is the human earth death - Who can not die, never can be born. The future millennium belongs to Homo mortem yet.

We have wrote the funny book "The gospel from godman. Posthumously. Personally".This is the parody on russian religious philosophy, on my own political biography and on philosophy. Our book is not only "philosophy" essay but our dynamic funny family autobiography where we offer new russian approach to understanding not only the person death but the death of great nations, great ideas, and maybe it will be interesting .Everybody must overcome oneself. That is not the matter for us whether someone or something can come to an end - We can! If we say "the god is dead because we can die with our own earth efforts" - we don't mean only the panic suicide, but the earth way of every person.

"The manifest of Homo mortem" is the brief version of our basic essay - the funny philosophy of godman which is dead yet.

Best regards,
Sincerely yours
Serge and Galina Roganov

The gift to humanity on the threshold of new century


Every cultured modern person knows that the history develops through two main stages of human relation - tragedy and farce. But nobody is ready to admit that the universal form of historical relations is a parody and in XX century when the time of historical epoch belongs to earth way of one generation the parody becomes primary form of culture's world. Our world comes to an end. Nothing happens among us. Nothing new. Let's greet forgetfulness as absolutely safe instrument for everyone! We can invite bikes everyday and invite others to admire our inventions so as nobody can closely study whole human history (for what?) to find same questions and same answers.

What else can dead godman write except manifest? Like as what else can dying godman write except the gospel from godman? As to me, to real earth godman I did as anyone from godmankind did - I wrought the gospel and manifest. To tell the truth, I could choose another title for my masterpieces, for example, "Science of Logic" or "Being and time", all the same, even with such honorable titles my works would remain the same, the gospel and manifest.


Any godman should die

together with its own epoch

like as any god should

From the beginning of new Russian revolution (Perestroyka) I decided that I was godman. Why not? New image was better then old soviet "young communist". We need to create new earth world like as earth gods but our worldwide recreation failed. Everybody agrees with me, that if I should to die (because communism is destroyed) I'll better die as godman. This "godman" sounds more solemnly. Or maybe you think I should to tear or to hide Party-membership card and become russian democrat and rush into church? Don't trouble, I wasn't member of Communist party but I dream to create new earth world. I was free godman like as many others.

As a rule, there must be the great grief and, as a good russian rule, there must be the repentance. It is repentance that serves us as the door to new world. It is the grief that must follows us when we say "good buy" russian communism.

For the first time I wanted to die when I was offered to make a suicide, or, in other words, to repent. New Russian "democrats" (former party members) cried: "Repent! Repent!" I couldn't repent - that wasn't the matter whether you were a member of communist party or not - all soviet people were communist or, as Dostoevsky said "godmans". We get accustom that on the one hand the history must die especially when we tired to watch how our epoch conquers peaks, on the second hand, sometimes, regretfully, every person dies. We like to watch when the history dies, we always hope for something and we are always sure that the death of history is the death of old generation, government or party structures. But what should we do when whole epoch must die, when all our life becomes our whole word's dying? Certainly, I can cry out "I shall not dream to rebuild world as communist, I shall not fight against enemies of soviet people" but all the same, we want to build a New World in some or other way, and in spite of our social revolution, we all remain "soviet" people, communist or "godmankind". We always need to recreate something like as many people need too. That is not the matter what we need to create - new soviet epoch,

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