about nasty

nasty is a peer-reviewed journal, which exists to create a forum for the dissemination and promotion of new, controversial and challenging cultural and academic thought across the humanities. We publish academic articles, fiction, poetry and work that blurs the lines between all of the above.

nasty believes in free access to academic and creative work and as such will never accept advertisements, charge for its services, or whore your thoughts out in any other fashion.

About the editorial board

Lance Arthur is a freelance writer based out of San Francisco. Lance is well known in the online community, and has had work published at {fray}, and afterDinner, among others. He fucking loves his shoes.

Aida Patient, like Margaret Cavendish, is Empress of her own world, and a provisional PhD candidate at the University of Alberta. When she can dig herself out from under all of her grant money, and tear herself away from SSHRC or Killam Awards dinners, Aida might be found randomly refinishing kitchen chairs or presenting papers on Eighteenth Century science and literature. Having fled back to Calgary to finish her PhD in peace, Aida claims to be studying for her comprehensive exams (we think she is lying).

Christie Schultz has experimented with the praxis and study of "the transitioning body." Currently, she enjoys the luxury of a day-job that is confined to 7 hours/day. Christie paints things and writes other things.

Cherina Sparks, when she isn't wearing black and spanking grammar for fun and profit, pokes an office full of computer geeks and marketroids with a sharp pointy stick. While there, she runs BrainBuzz, an international online IT resource company, drinks too much Diet Dr. Pepper, and plans global domination. Annually, for 4 fear-filled hours, this grammar nazi wanders back to the University of Alberta, the institution clever enough to award her an MA for a cyber take on Derrida and the postcard, to freak the bejesus out of my English 101 class (hey look Cherina, a run-on).

About the publishers

» Kirsten C. Uszkalo is a University of Alberta PhD candidate and co-creator of this nasty rag by day, and superhero vixen by night. She specializes in Renaissance women's writing, but her interests extend beyond modernism. When she isn't teaching, or learning, you can find her in the gym, lifting and scaring pansy-boys with her max bench-press.

» Darren James Harkness is a creative engineer by day, and gypsy knife-eater by night. His vast exploits include the co-creation, design and maintenance of nasty, as well as several other personal projects. Darren has a strong background in Canadian Literature, Canadian History, and Anthropology, having studied at the University of British Columbia.